Comparative Politics Books

There is a back story to this page and the comparable one on peacebuilding. A few years ago, a former colleague at the Alliance for Peacebuilding suggested I should write summaries of the books I read and share them. Her point made sense to me then because I actually read a lot, do so in multiple fields, and include both trade and academic books that friends and colleagues should know about.

I never followed through until I saw that same friend at a conference just as I was building this web site. She reminded me of the conversation, and this feature of the site was born.

It will include books that I think a) are important and b) are worth reading. I’m not going to waste your time or mine by including a book that doesn’t help us deal with some significant aspects of wicked problems in either political science or peacebuilding.

But do note that I define those fields very broadly…

It is going to take me a while to work through the backlog of books I’ve read on my iPad which functions as my Kindle. You can expect to find at least a book or two a week added to this page and/or the comparable one on peacebuilding.

And, as always, send me suggestions of books to read and review.

To read these short summaries and reviews, just slide your mouse or your finger across the book’s image below and click.