Identity issues have long been at the heart of both fields I work in--peacebuilding and comparative politics. Although I'll limit myself to peacebuilding here, the ways we define who "we" are go a long way toward causing so many of the problems we face in the world today but also point us toward ways we can solve those problems.


Community Colleges

I just ended a hectic month of traveling with two conferences in the space of a single weekend. I presented a paper on corruption and peacebuilding at the Northeast Regional meeting of the International Studies Association that wasn’t half as interesting as a panel on gendered approaches to international relations which I’ll write about next week. Far more interesting in the short run was the day I spent with a group of community college teachers who were attending an annual conference organized by David Smith. I try to attend whenever I can, but this year I had to drag myself onto the Metro yesterday morning, because I was exhausted from all of the travel and meetings….

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