Business Comes to Peacebuilding

I have been asked to give teach some undergraduate classes on the relationship between conflict resolution and management this week. Since I was planning to include some material along those lines in my textbook, I used the preparation for the classes to think more systematically about the connection here before I have to write the formal chapters. The professor wants me to talk about what conflict resolution has to offer for her students. I’ll do that, but I’m actually more interested in the way business and management inform our work—or perhaps how they should inform it. I’ll do what the professor wants in the classroom, but I’m going to use this blog post to indulge me real interests.

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Business and Peacebuilding

As I get read to write about where the peacebuilding world has to head next in finishing my textbook, I find myself thinking about the business world. There are groups like the Norwegian based Business for Peace which are trying to draw explicit links between the corporate and peacebuilding worlds. That’s obviously important. However, I think it’s even more important that we take some management ideas from that world and apply them to ours.

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