About Chip Hauss

Chip Hauss is Senior Fellow for Innovation and Board Member Emeritus at the Alliance for Peacbuilding.
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Connecting the Dots Across Generations

Connecting the Dots Across Generations I haven’t written a blog post in three weeks. No, I haven’t been goofing off or enjoying our return to so-called normal. Instead, I’ve been trying out new ideas while working on my next book, Connecting the Dots. As regular readers of these posts know, it will tell the story of some remarkable young activists who are working to build solutions to the many problems that the pandemic has forced us to face—including many we should already have been facing. I’m learning a lot about institutionalized racism, economics, climate change, and the other issues those activists work on which helps explain why I’m writing less than I usually do. However, I [...]

Connecting the Dots Across Generations2021-06-28T20:52:57+00:00
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