Innovation in Peacebuilding: Taking Advantage of Affordances A few days ago, Melissa Mannis of the newly formed Peace Innovation Initiative (PII) at the UN University of Peace asked me to send her something I’d written for her board of directors to take a look at. I quickly realized that I didn’t have anything that directly fit what she was asking for and rather than doing a lot of cutting and pasting, I decided to write something fresh about the role(s) innovation in general and new technology in particular could and should play in peacebuilding . What came out was a classic bad news/good news story. But one with a historical twist that could help PII and [...]


Social Therapy

Social Therapy Apologies in advance. This started out as a simple blog post to try out an idea that I think has legs, definitely needs a lot more thought, and might be controversial. But, as you’ll see two seemingly random events complicated things, convinced me that the topic was even more important than I had realized, and (alas) made the post a lot longer than I had originally planned. On Social Therapy As regular readers know, I’m writing a book about (mostly) young activists who are “connecting the dots” across issue-based and ideological lines which is morphing into a movement  to help such people succeed. I want to use this post to try out what I [...]

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