Civil Society to the Rescue

Since it is unlikely that the American government will take the lead in addressing our wicked problems, how can civil society do so instead?

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Having Fun While Building Peace

Having Fun While Building Peace I’m told that I’m pretty funny,This is the first time I've used footnotes in a blog post. It's fitting that the post is about humor. I’m not the best judge of that. No one can assess how funny he or she is. But years of course evaluation comments and smiles in face-to-face meetings suggest that my reputation is at least somewhat deserved. Oddly enough,  however, I hadn’t thought seriously about the role humor could play in peacebuilding until I read Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas’ wonderful new book which is seriously entitled Humor, Seriously which I’ve reviewed elsewhere. Although their book focuses on what humor can do in business management, [...]

Having Fun While Building Peace2021-04-20T20:28:41+00:00
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