I see this site as a platform to do more than “just” discuss the issues raised in my books. I’ve long been interested in using the Internet to help people see the emotional as well as the intellectual aspects of the issues I raise. Even more importantly, I have spent the last twenty years exploring ways people can use it to bring people closer together rather than driving them farther apart.

In that spirit, I have planned several features to help you dig deeper in your exploration of wicked problems:

Discussion Forums

I will organize moderated discussions on issues of the wicked problems in the news today. Those forums can be run in a number of ways, depending on the interests of those taking part.

Two forums are now up and running. One allows you to suggest features or other improvements you’d like to see for the site, and the other is a place to suggest future discussion topics. To participate, simply create an account and join in!

Talk with Chip. Live!

Online discussion forums are wonderful. Being able to see and talk to each other is even better!

I will use Facebook Live hold weekly “office hours” to talk about anything associated with wicked problems. They will be held each Wednesday from 3-4  PM EST. Check the Comparative Politics Facebook page for details.

I can also be part of one-on-one or small group discussions at other times using zoom.us video teleconferencing software. Contact me to initiate.

Book Reviews

At long last, I’ve given in to a friend’s request to post reviews of the books I read–usually two or three a week. I will only review books I like and I think you would enjoy/benefit from reading.

Please use the contact form to suggest any book you think I should review. Do note, however, that the virtual stack of books I have yet to read on my iPad/Kindle is very long.

Coming Soon: Videos and Updates

I never used videos much in my years in the classroom. I always felt I was short changing my students if I didn’t present the material myself. Or at least they would think I was lazy.

I’ve known I was wrong for years. Good videos can do things an instructor cannot, most notably conveying the emotional as well as the intellectual content surrounding a topic. I was won over to the value of video when I kept seeking them out to teach myself how to code, find new books to read, and learn how to put this site together.

In addition to videos, I’ll share updates on events and trends in both comparative politics and peacebuilding. I do my best to stay on top of the news. It’s a task I take so seriously that I joke my car radio only needs two presets: NPR and C-SPAN. I hope to pass the benefits of this habit on to you!