From Conflict Resolution to Peacebuilding

From Conflict Resolution to Peacebuilding is my newest book. Like most of what I’ve written in recent years, it is written for students and others who are looking for an introduction to peace and conflict studies. As such, it is a textbook and has many of the features you normally find in works of that sort–exercises, study questions, suggested readings, and the like.

However, others who want an introduction to the field but are not taking a conventional course on the subject might still find it interesting–if a bit pricey.

The rest of this page has more information on the book (including how to get a copy) and the instructor’s guide, which students might also find useful.

Finally, because my wife and I have been post-mortgage and post-kid for a generation, we will be donating all royalties from sales of the book to the Alliance for Peacebuilding and George Mason University’s School for conflict Analysis and Resolution.

The Book

Trust me. You won’t find From Conflict Resolution to Peacebuilding at your neighborhood bookstore–assuming that you still have a neighborhood bookstore. The easiest way to get a copy is from Amazon.  Amazon is not the only place you can buy the book. However, i list it here because Amazon lets you preview most of the book before you decide whether or not it is worth buying. Sometimes, the preview even appears in color, although the book itself is in black and white.

Instructor’s Guide

From Conflict Resolution to Peacebuilding is a textbook. Therefore, it comes with an instructor’s guide. Like the book itself, the guide is unusual. It does not contain the chapter outlines, PowerPoint™ slides, and test banks one usually finds in instructors’ manuals. Rather, it is an extended essay on the choices one has to make in teaching peace and conflict studies. That said, it could also be of value to students who are taking those kinds of courses.