Identity Theft

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Debra Meyerson’s book, Rocking the Boat, and wondered why she hadn’t written anything since then. A few clicks later, I realized that she had had a stroke at age 53 and that Identity Theft was her account of her recovery. I can’t comment on the stroke side of the book, but two of the key themes from Rocking the Boat shine through loud and clear and make this a critical book for anyone interested in personal and social change to read. First, she talks about the importance of cherishing and learning from small victories. Whether you are a stroke survivor or a peacebuilder (me), you can’t expect to get where you want to go in one fell swoop. Second, like her radicals who work within the system, stroke survivors (and peacebuilders) have to constantly work on (re)defining their identities and making them congruent with their current realities. There’s lots more to say about Identity Theft, but  you will come away from wishing you could know this amazing person—whether before or after her stroke.