Project Description

World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements

I help run a national peace building NGO. Two nights ago I was listening to CSPAN radio (yes I am a dork) while falling asleep. John Hunter was being interviewed. I immediately got up and my Kindle got the book and I never made it back to bed.

In the book, he talks about “click” moments that lead to “flow” when new ideas about peace building fall into place.

This book did that for me.

It gave me confirmation of things I’ve long believed but never been able to put into words.

How do I help people (in this case fourth graders) see alternatives to the status quo?

How do I help them solve complex, “wicked” problems?

How do I empower people around me and then empower myself in the process?

How do I that whole being consistent with my own beliefs as close to 100% of the time as possible?

Oh and get to World Peace at the same time.

In the 48 hours since I got the book, my life and our work at the Alliance for Peacebuilding here in Washington have both changed.