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Life’s Great Question

Life’s Great Decisions is a lot like the PBS brief but spectacular sgements. It’s short. But Rath builds a lot into it.

I’m not sure I’d go as far as he does in suggesting that helping others is the key to success for everyone. But, it is for people (like me( whose goal is to change the world AND want to maximize their impact in doing so.

Therein lies its two main strengths. First, it persuasively makes the case that at least a good chunk of our lives could and should be spent making things better for others. Second, he lays out twelve actions–all ending in “ing”–that can both help us grow and change the world at the same time.

The twelve specifics themselves are not an earth-shattering list. But, for me at least, they helped me see some of my strengths (connecting, perceiving, teaching, adapting) and weaknesses (initiating, challenging, organizing) more clearly.

This book will help me be a better teacher, activist, grandparent, and more. Should do the same for you.