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American Peacebuilding Map

A Map of American Peacebuilding For the last few years, my colleagues at the Alliance for Peacebuilding and I have increasingly paid attention to peacebuilding challenges here in the United States. We are pleased to announce a first step in doing something about dangers we face at home with the publication of the first iteration of a map of American peacebuilding that we did under the leadership of Bridget Moix of  Peace Direct. The map and its underlying data can be found on Peace Direct’s Insights on Peace web site. This was a huge step for AfP and Peace Direact. Initially, AfP was a coalition of U.S. based peacebuilding NGOs that worked abroad. Peace Direct has done remarkable [...]

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A Sustainable and Peaceful Evening

Earlier this week, the Alliance for Peacebuilding co-sponsored an event on sustainable development at the United States Institute of Peace to celebrate seventy years of peacebuilding at the United Nations. The event featured Jan Eiliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and Kristalina Georgieva, Vice President for Budget and Human Resources of the European Commision, who focused on the UN's recently approved sustainable development goals.  Not surprisingly, they focused on Goal 16 that incorporates peacebuilding into the mission of the UN an its member states. But even more importantly, both speakers stressed that the sixteen goals have to be treated as an integrated whole because development, peacebuilding, the promotion of human rights, and the rest of the goals cannot be addressed [...]

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