I am not an expert on the Coronavirus pandemic. But, like everyone else, it has turned my life upside down. I had planned to spend the spring of 2020 letting instructors know about my new textbook and building networks of peacebuilders on American campuses and in divided communities.

Needless to say, I have had to put some of that work on hold while dramatically redesigning the rest of it.

Here you can find links to three things I am working on in response to the crisis.

My Blog

I have been using my blog to provide running commentaries on the pandemic and its implications for peacebuilders and students of comparative politics. Click here to go directly to a list of those posts.


Again, I’m not expert about viruses or epidemics. However, I have been collecting resources that visitors to my site might find useful in understanding the pandemic and its implications. Click here to see a list of those resources. And feel free to make suggestions of things I should add.

Discussion and Planning Groups

I was an early adopter of both Zoom and of online dialogue work. After 9/11, I used email chains to have basic discussions with groups of twenty or so friends and colleagues on how we could and should react. Now, I’m using Zoom to host smaller discussions that focus on specific aspects of the crisis and how we can plan our work accordingly once we are able to hit the ground again. Click here to learn more and join one of the groups. Or just send me an email.