Blog Posts on COVID-19

Here are quick links to my blog posts on the coronavirus epidemic and its implications. I will add links here as I write them. You can go to my full blog by choosing the blog menu item on the top of his page.

Also note that the most recent posts appears at the top of the list.

Teachable Moment/Learnable Moment

We academics who were “raised” in the new left of the 1960s like to talk about teachable moments. The coronavirus pandemic certainly is one of them. However, it’s also a time for us older folks to learn along with our students, because, this time, we have all been thrown for a loop.

First Impressions

Here are some first impressions which I wrote shortly after the United States ground to a halt. In it, I begin to teases out some of what will probably prove to be the long term implications of the pandemic and how it would disrupt the work we had begun in the United States.