Chip Hauss

About Chip Hauss

Chip Hauss is Senior Fellow for Innovation and Board Member Emeritus at the Alliance for Peacbuilding.
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Architecture for Peacebuilding in the United States

An Architecture for American Peacebuilding Last week, two of my AfP colleagues and I joined about 70 other people at George Mason University’s Point of View retreat center to take the first steps toward building what we are calling an “architecture for peace” in the United States. The conference was run held using strict Chatham House rules, so I can’t talk much about the specifics of what took place. I can however, talk about What we mean by an architecture for peace Some concrete steps we have already taken and others whose next steps will follow soon and will be discussed in future blog posts I first began thinking of the importance of workshops like this when I attended the launch of Douglas Irvin-Erickson’s [...]

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Peacebuilding and Power

How peacebuilders deal with power is an increasingly important question, especially when we work in our own country and deal with issues that touch us personally.

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Doug’s Question

Doug's Question I’ve been sitting in on Doug Irvin-Erickson’s classes in conflict resolution for the last year. They’ve been so good that I’ve asked Doug to write an introductory text book with me, which we’ve tentatively entitled From Conflict Resolution to Peacebuilding. There are lots of reasons why I’ve enjoyed his classes so much that I’ve brought him on board to write the book. None is more important than a tough question he—and others—pose for those of us who are committed to nonviolent forms of conflict resolution. How do you deal with evil? I don’t want to get into definitional squabbles about what evil means here. Doug’s question applies whatever definition you use. So pick an example. Hitler. [...]

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