Social Therapy

Social Therapy Apologies in advance. This started out as a simple blog post to try out an idea that I think has legs, definitely needs a lot more thought, and might be controversial. But, as you’ll see two seemingly random events complicated things, convinced me that the topic was even more important than I had realized, and (alas) made the post a lot longer than I had originally planned. On Social Therapy As regular readers know, I’m writing a book about (mostly) young activists who are “connecting the dots” across issue-based and ideological lines which is morphing into a movement  to help such people succeed. I want to use this post to try out what I [...]

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Identity issues have long been at the heart of both fields I work in--peacebuilding and comparative politics. Although I'll limit myself to peacebuilding here, the ways we define who "we" are go a long way toward causing so many of the problems we face in the world today but also point us toward ways we can solve those problems.

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