Convincing You

What have I learned from years in the classroom? And as a public policy advocate? And as a peacebuilder? The answer runs counter to almost everything I was taught along the way. It has less to do with the quality of the argument I make and more to do with the relationships I build.

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Using Improv to Work With Those We Disagree With In his class, Doug Irvin-Erickson gave his grad students an assignment half way through the short summer semester. He broke them into teams and asked them to make presentations to the class on how peacebuilding and human rights overlapped—or didn’t as the course may be. Because I had had to miss the previous class, the students had decided that I would serve as a discussant and respond to each project. During the course of the semester, we had mostly focused on how the two fields differ. Human rights advocates focus on rights that they assume to be universal and innate—and all too often denied by the powers that be. [...]